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The Choir

Cappella Aquensis was formed in 1963 by a splitting of the Aachen Cathedral Choir.

As a free concert choir with about 45 members, we have an extensive repertoire of secular and religious choral music. We perform not only ambitious and international a-cappella music from the Renaissance until Modern Times (ca. twice a year), but also large orchestral oratories and masses (every 2 years).

In contrast to most other choirs in and around Aachen, we provide the musical accompaniment to High Mass in Aachen Cathedral – singing Latin masses and motets – about 3-4 times per year. In addition, we regularly travel with the choir to perform elsewhere, both in Germany and abroad. We are currently planning a trip to Cambridge, UK in 2019.

Since January 2018, Ulrich Brassel is our new Choral Director.

Find out more about our past in the category ‘Our History’.


If you would like to join Cappella Aquensis or if you’re simply interested in more information, please contact our chairman or our choral director.


Hans-Jürgen Röls
Höfchensweg 31
52066 Aachen

Tel. (privat): +49 241 37484

E-Mail: vorstand@cappella-aquensis.de

Choral Director

Ulrich Brassel

E-Mail: chorleiter@cappella-aquensis.de

We are a registered public charitable society. We are always grateful for donations, which are of course exempt from taxes.

Bank details

Cappella Aquensis e.V., Sparkasse Aachen
IBAN DE15 3905 0000 0000 5375 97

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